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Regular scheduled Coaching Clinics & tailored In-House programs for Leaders and Teams​
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Hi Bill Cropper here – founder of The Change Forum and principal consultant, coach, author and creator of our programs.
Here at The Change Forum we believe learning is at the heart of successful change and provide practical, down-to-earth learning programs, facilitation, coaching and consulting support for leaders, team and organisations to develop more connective, inspiring leaders, more constructive, healthy work cultures, and more collaborative, energised, high-performing teams.
Through this site, we aim to provide insights into our range of services and programs, our current schedule of public courses on offer in various regional centres, along with a variety of reading and reference materials both free and available for purchase.  Hope you’ll take a few moments to browse and please get in touch any time to discuss ways we can be of help to you and your team…

Regular scheduled Coaching Clinics &
tailored In-House programs for Leaders and Teams

We offer regular 1 & 2-day Coaching Clinics in regional centres, and deliver tailored In-House programs and individual Coaching to elevate Leadership, renovate Culture and build better Teams – Change, Leadership, Difficult Conversations, Social & Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Resilience, Trauma First-Aid, Working Better Together in Teams.

Developing Leaders

Leadership learning designed to promote positive, supportive, safe, emotionally intelligent workplaces…

Our programs boost your ability to connect mindfully with others, manage emotions positively, cope with difficult situations more confidently, address change constructively and facilitate more energised, effective team-working. 

Making Theory Real

Down-to-earth, action-based learning that is practical, real & workplace relevant…

We translate current theory into tangible, easy-to-apply, step-by-step tools people can readily grasp, use and benefit from to promote personal growth, conversational mastery, relational awareness, leadership excellence and workplace well-being

Building Connectivity

3 Keys to brilliant Leaders & Teams: connectivity, culture change and constructive conversations…

We equip people with interactional, self-awareness and discussion skills they need to be more mindful leaders and better team-players with the capacity to build vibrant, healthy and connective work cultures together

Action Learning Guidebooks

Up-to-date, sound learning translated into simple-to-use, practical, down-to-earth applications…

Hands-on learning explored in a safe small group setting, supported by comprehensive, easy-to-follow self-coaching Toolkits for back-at-work action… online Topics, Tips, information FactFiles and e-Books to browse, shop and share

How to guide, facilitate, support, motivate and coach others are some of the fundamental skills contemporary leaders need to learn


Leadership Learning
Managing emotions effectively at work can make or break any team. Successful leaders know that managing self first is key to a healthy culture and happy teams


Social Intelligence
Culture has a profound effect on every facet of your organisation: people, performance, how you operate. Change success starts with learning how to change.


Culture Revitalisation
High-performing teams are built on a strong foundation of shared vision,  collective effort and a cohesive, respectful culture of thinking & learning together


Building Better Teams
Coaching and Mentoring are powerful, personalised ways for leaders to focus outwards on learning, to build capability that's retained, acted on and applied.


Coaching & Mentoring
Constructive conversation is crucial to business success. It builds cooperation, collaboration, respect, averts conflict, improves service, inspires performance...


Conversational Mastery


Strategic Change
How to guide, facilitate, support, motivate and coach others are some of the fundamental skills contemporary leaders need to learn


Leadership Learning

Coaching Clinics for Leaders and Teams

We deliver a suite of leadership development, team-building and change management clinics as regular ‘public’ coaching clinics in selected regional centres as well as delivering tailored programs in-house on request.
Our Directory of Programs provides an overview of the range of coaching clinics and learning forums we offer, a number of which are scheduled as public learning events as indicated through our course calendar
Our programs and services are grouped into five broad categories. Program summaries and course outlines are available through these category links or view our current programs page to see what’s coming up

A range of clinics targetted to leaders, staff and teams including: Leading with Emotional Intelligence, EI at Work, Social Intelligence: EI in Teams, Mindful Leadership in Action, Resilience-based Trauma Training and more 

Our highly popular, well-regarded program on Dealing with Difficult Discussions, also Positive Performance Conversations for leaders and a version for staff, Leading through Conversations, Building Conversational Confidence. More information

Learning to Lead Change, Creating Constructive Cultures, Preparing People for Change, Leading Learning Schools Find out more

A mix of programs with the goal of Building Better Teams, from our Working Better Together modular development series for targetting specific improvement areas to stand-alone programs such as Leading through Teams, Building Better Teams, Working as One Team, Building Respectful Workplaces 

Learning to Lead, Leadership Team Action Learning, Fundamental Facilitation, Advanced Facilitation, Facilitating Effective Teams, Coaching Leaders Clinic, Mentoring for Managers

Courses coming up...

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Thank you for an excellent presentation. The large number of people I have spoken to were very happy with it. They liked the factfile you distributed and enjoyed the presentation itself and your style. Thanks again the Bill Cropper experience was extremely worthwhile.

Helen B.
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A quality, 'value-for-money' day – well-prepared and presented, jam-packed with information, interaction and chances to reflect on practice...lots of opportunities to share experiences and look for solutions…an abundance of resources, which are greatly appreciated. It was a great day Bill.

Alison F.
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Thoroughly enjoyed this great workshop. The structure was well planned to meet our needs and Bill did a fantastic job getting people to open up and feel comfortable raising work issues. It's already started to achieve a better working environment and was a good step forward.

Larissa P.


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